“Become a more effective agent for change”

Our Listening Consultancy services have been developed to help our clients develop innovative strategies for becoming more effective communicators.  Our aim is to get you heard in ways that precipitate the changes you want to see.  Traditionally, we have worked with the sustainability champions in big organisations who have struggled to get their sustainability messages heard and acted on by key stakeholders.  Working closely with these champions we have developed powerful communication strategies that have led to profound organisational change.  The tools we have developed through our listening consultancies are relevant to anyone wanting to communicate a powerful message in ways that engender change while providing strong leadership.

“I’ve discovered a new relationship with listening!”

During a consultancy, we will listen to you, your team, your community in order to truly understand your needs.  We will then help you develop solutions to the problems you face using a unique tool called: Systems-Based Listening.

Previous clients have found Systems-Based Listening has helped them:

  • Explore important issues in new and empowering ways
  • Address issues in innovative and  effective ways
  • Communicate more effectively with key stakeholders
  • Make changes to modes of operation which have led to positive outcomes for the wellbeing of both people and planet
  • Begin new and exciting journeys to address issues that are of most concern to them
  • Use listening as a way to empower staff to become powerful forces for change.

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Systems-Based Listening is a skill that empowers those who have acquired it to become more effective problem solvers and agents for change.”

Julia Metcalfe
Head of Programme Partnerships and Institutional Funding
Save the Children

Do you work with NGOs as well as businesses?

We work with all organisations who are interested in using sound and listening to address some of the most pressing issues facing the planet.  Whilst our main focus is in the areas of sustainability, resilience and wellbeing, we are interested in hearing from other potential clients who may see a role for sound and listening in their work.

Is your work backed up by research?

Yes, we have a very active research focus and we work with leading universities in the UK and overseas.

What will I get from a free initial consultation?

Depending on your specific needs which can be identified in our first conversation you will speak to either our listening expert Dr Mike Edwards or our sound expert Harry Coade.  The aim of the initial consultation is for us to listen to you and then, based on what we hear, advise you on ways you could use basic sound and listening techniques to address the issues you identify.

Can I learn about sound and listening without hiring you for a full consultancy?

Yes, we have a free online course which is available to download in our shop. Please register your interest and we will send you an email when the courses are launched.

Do you offer any team building away-days?

For obvious reasons, any group events are a challenge at the moment; however, we can offer on-line team building opportunities and definitely, in the future, we will be offering bespoke away-day or team building weekends. We also offer listening retreats which are deeply immersive events and build on materials we offer in our courses.

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