Join our listening academy to become a powerful force for change.

We have listened to our clients needs and have created courses that teach you what you need to know about sound and listening and how to use both to achieve your specific goals.  Our CLO Mike Edwards, who leads our courses, has over 30 years experience as a lecturer and has taught at universities in the UK, Australia and the USA.

We have developed a range of masterclasses which are tailored to the needs of professionals who are seeking new ways to build a sustainable and resilient world which has human and planetary wellbeing at its heart.

Our courses will help you become a more effective communicator and will help you develop the leadership skills required to become a powerful force for change.

Whether you work for a multinational company, a government department, an NGO or you just want to change the world on your own, our courses will get you heard! 

The world is facing unprecedented political, economic, social and environmental challenges. Most of these challenges have their root in one simple cause, the fact that we’re not very good at listening to one another, or to the planet as a whole – what we refer to in our courses as a ‘listening crisis’. There are huge human and natural benefits to be had by improving our listening skills.  By helping you master the art of listening, our courses will take you on a learning journey which will equip you with the tools to use listening to create a better world.

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