May 31, 2016

Water (Tank) Music…

Not a great deal needs to be said in this blog.

We went to the beautiful Scottish island, Eilean Shona.  During our wanderings, we found a discarded galvanised water tank lying next to an abandoned industrial water valve – vestiges of the island’s past.

When struck with stone, pieces of wood, twigs and grass, the water tank and valve made very pleasing, perhaps even haunting,  sounds – sounds that echoed a distant place in space and time, and sounds that projected towards a future where technology might harmonise, in a beautiful synergy, with wild spaces.

The music we created during an impromptu performance on these unorthodox instruments (see link below) proves that every object, natural or human-made, embodies sounds which tell profound stories about the world in which we live and, importantly, the world that could be created if we learnt to truly listen…

Sound Matters (various) 002

Sound Matters (various 2) 008

Sound Matters (various 2) 016

Sound Matters (various 2) 025

Sound Matters (various 2) 018





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