CrookedStixz Didgeridoos

The presentation was fantastic, integrating entertainment and science to enhance communication. The unique way in which a lecture was mixed with audiovisuals and audience participation made for a great experience. The whole experience was really enjoyable and highlighted the main environmental issues facing the world and working towards becoming more sustainable. The excellent mix of a lecture and audio features made the experience both fun and informative
PhD Student
University College London

The truly unique element about the “Sound Matters” presentation was people’s reaction to the experience. It really hit home for many of them, something that rarely happens in mainstream environmental talks nowadays. I can only hope that everyone has the chance to experience Sound Matters, but in particular, I wish every changemaker could feel that deep sense of connection and aliveness to our planet.
Chief Empathy Officer
Akasha Innovation

So I would say to you, get on board with the concept of Sound Matters and enjoy the sensual journey it will take you on. I can assure you that you will start to ‘look’ at the environment from a new and exciting perspective and, hopefully, cherish and respect it more as a consequence.
Sustainable Mining Expert
University College London and Andes Iron, Chile

The presentation was excellent and learning to engage with the debates and values of sustainability debates through engaging with sounds offered a brilliant alternative to the usual powerpoint style of lecture on the subject. Telling stories about sustainability through sound offers a fresh perspective that can be inclusive and non-didactic. In other words, it doesn’t have to tell you what to think about sustainability but rather presents the changing landscape of sound and offers us to consider how we relate to that and whether we think this is a good thing or not. Sound, like other artforms, thus presents opportunities to engage with the affects of sustainability in novel ways that reduce the usual focus on endless streams of information flow and (often) bad news. The stories combined with the sounds is different from anything I had previously experienced. Mike is an excellent orator! An entertaining, but serious; enervating, but sobering; and comedic, yet tragic presentation. Sound Matters will challenge those who already think they know what the real challenges of sustainability are all about as well as open up fresh perspectives for those still trying to grapple with the meanings and values implicated in concerns about the environment.
Lecturer in Human Geography
University College London

I endorse your novel way of presentation. I looked around and you had the audience totally engrossed.
UCL Hazard Research Centre

The Sound Matters collaboration between musician and activist academic can move you emotionally and intellectually. A new environmental movement must be spearheaded by this kind of inspiring symbiosis…Be prepared to experience a physical response to the work of Sound Matters. The orchestration of environmental issues and sounds from the planet take you on a symphonic journey through dissonance to harmony.
Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning
Syracuse University, London