We believe sound matters.

Sound Matters was founded in 2014, following a series of conversations between Mike Edwards (climate change and sustainability expert) and Harry Coade (music producer and soundscape recordist).  These conversations, which took place in London pubs, cafes and galleries, were focused on how sound and listening could be used to create more sustainable and resilient futures. Mike and Harry discovered a unique and deep synergy between their disparate areas of expertise and began to further explore how they could apply this knowledge and insight.

After delivering a series of lectures at leading universities in London, Mike and Harry began working on a number of global research initiatives, and academic courses, which were designed to discover more about how sound and listening could be used to understand the political, social, economic and environmental systems shaping the world.  They also began working with a number of corporate clients who were looking for new ways of engaging their staff and stakeholders with the importance of creating business practices which were sustainable for both people and planet.

From humble beginnings, Sound Matters has grown into an organisation which is widely acknowledged as a global leader in the use of sound and the art of listening to help individuals and organisations understand, and help solve, the most fundamental challenges facing the world. Sound Matters has a clear mission which is to create a universal culture of listening whereby every individual and organisation can access the power of sound and listening to create a better world.

Sound Matters is at the vanguard of a listening revolution and it is doing it by:

  • raising global awareness of the power of sound and listening
  • creating bespoke soundpieces for clients
  • developing sound-based research projects for international organisations
  • helping individuals and organisations master the art of listening
  • providing innovative online courses
  • delivering lectures at world-leading universities
  • making music to create change.

Mike Edwards

Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

Mike Edwards (PhD) has over 25 years’ experience as a sustainability consultant and climate change advisor. Having worked with numerous NGOs, Mike was appointed Climate Change Advisor to The Elders Foundation, where he provided expert advice to the likes of Gro Harlem Brundtland, Kofi Annan and President Jimmy Carter. Not only does he have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the current threats to both people and planet, he also has a unique ability to communicate these issues across all levels of business and academia. In addition to his work at Sound Matters, Mike is an Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School, an Honorary Research Associate at University College London (UCL) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).  Mike is also a musician and is considered one of the world’s most accomplished didgeridoo players having performed at festivals around the world and released four CDs to international acclaim. 

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Harry Coade

Chief Sound Officer (CSO)

Harry Coade has 18 years’ of professional experience working as a music producer, sound designer, mixer and composer. He has worked with some of the leading music artists, labels and agencies in the industry including: BBC, Sony, EMI, Red Bull, Roland, Novation, Jamiroquai, Little Mix, Roy Ayers, and Disclosure. He is also an artist in his own right and releases and performs under his musical moniker SOULHACK. Harry has scored music for film and has performed on various stages around the world including Glastonbury Festival and BBC Radio 1. Harry’s passion for music and sound experiences drives him to create and deliver compelling and immersive audio experiences which are aimed at not only helping clients communicate complex messages clearly and effectively, but also creating a deep sense of connection to the issues being addressed.

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