Music for Change

“Music can change the world”

Beethoven was right when he stated: ‘Music can change the world!’ It’s a powerful force for change and that’s why we create music to inspire, and empower, the individuals, groups, organisations and communities with whom we work. Our mission is to create world, and soundscape, music which connects people intimately to issues that matter. Our CSO, Harry Coade, who has 18 years experience as a music producer and composer, oversees all our musical creations.


Sound Matters travelled to Marrakech to collaborate with Abel Damoussi and over 20 Moroccan musicians and singers. The aim of this world music project, to promote connection between people and planet. The album titled ‘The Heart of Marrakech’ was recorded at Studio Agafay, Marrakech as part of a COP22 cultural programme.


Sound Matters was invited to Eilean Shona in Scotland for a listening retreat. With very few permanent human residents on the island, we were able to capture largely natural soundscapes impacted by very little anthrophony (human-made noise). After recording the indicator sounds of the island we composed music which was inspired by the sounds of the island including: oystercatchers, curlews, birds of prey, seals, larch forests, the sounds of the sea and, even, a grand piano which is located in the main house.


Sound Matters produced this 6 track E.P. which integrates the sounds of landscape restoration (soil, water and biodiversity) with sounds, voices and musicians that they recorded in the ALVELAL territory (in the High Steppe Plains of southern Spain). The sounds of regeneration start slowly in every track acquiring strength and complexity following the return of life to degraded landscapes. Some tracks invite you to dance to the beat of the regeneration of life while others invite you to listen peacefully, but all of them transmit the essence of ALVELAL and the hope that eco-social restoration in degraded areas is possible.

‘’The Sound Matters collaboration between musician and activist academic can move you emotionally and intellectually.. be prepared to experience a physical response to the work of Sound Matters. The orchestration of environmental issues and sounds from the planet take you on a symphonic journey through dissonance to harmony’’

Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning
Syracuse University, London


“…Mercifully, their music is not the happy-hippy clap along I was expecting. This is four-to-floor, steely-eyed, and atmospheric. The sort of stuff that makes you work harder.”

VICE Magazine 


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