“Be prepared to experience a physical response to the work of Sound Matters”

We provide a truly unique communications service for businesses and organisations who are trying to help make the world a better place. 

We create immersive sound experiences which are designed to help you, your clients and teams connect more effectively to the world and the processes shaping it.  Through this connection, you will be better placed to address those issues that impact you, your team, your business and the planet as a whole.

JLL – amplifying their sustainability message

“Sound Matters offered us a way to communicate with our colleagues in an immediate and emotionally arresting way.  Mike and Harry created a bespoke sound piece which perfectly conveyed the urgency and opportunity around this issue”

We recently completed a project for JLL, one of the world’s largest real estate services and investment management companies, where we used state of the art technology and pioneering acoustic techniques, to create a sound piece that was used to take senior managers on a sonic journey into the concept of sustainability.  The aim of the sound piece was to explore the imperative of embracing sustainability and to show what the world could sound like if a business-as-usual path (the breakdown path) or a sustainable path (the breakthrough path) was followed.  The sound piece was used to engage senior managers with the stark choice they face – the decision to create a company that will flourish in the future, and be an exemplar of sustainability best practice, or the decision to follow the low ambition business-as-usual path which could jeopardise the ability of the company to survive in the challenging times ahead.  Partly as a result of the sound piece we created, senior managers have chosen to embrace science based targets as a way forward in the creation of a truly aspirational sustainability agenda for the company.

”The piece was extremely well received and provided a springboard for further successful engagement with some of our most important stakeholders.  We have gone on to use the piece with a range of different audiences – it never fails to create a strong reaction’’

Tom Roundell Greene, Director, Global Sustainability
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

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